I am praying that this doesn’t become my most read blog on the site (totally kidding…except not really).

It happens to the best of us. The week flies by, you forget your group is meeting tomorrow, and you need ideas that require little preparation but will still be engaging for your group. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are five ideas you can use today.

Study This Week’s Gospel

Spend your meeting reading through the upcoming readings for Sunday Mass or diving into the readings from last Sunday. There are several sites that even give you good discussion questions for each week. One that I recommend would be the reflections from the USCCB.

Practice Lectio Divina

You can pick any passage from Scripture. Spend time actually teaching what Lectio Divina is, and then spend some time actually doing it. You can find some instructions on Lectio Divina here.

Go Through The Discipleship Roadmap

FOCUS has a couple of great tools that you can use to facilitate discussion for a single meeting or use as ongoing support towards challenging your group to live the call of discipleship. I recommend the Discipleship Roadmap or the Depth Chart.

Go on a Rosary Walk

Walk and pray a rosary together, then simply spend time talking and enjoying fellowship with one another.

Watch a YouTube Video and Discuss

This may need a little prep, but if you know some of the places to look, it can be pretty easy to find a good video to watch that can spark excellent discussion. A few I recommend checking out are VCAT, Skit Guys, OutsidedaBox, Catholic Youth Ministry Hub Videos, One Time Blind and Chris Stefanick.

These are just a few ideas. Keep in mind that we have a list of over 120 ideas on our site indexed by topics, goals, etc. You can check them out here.