In the summer of 1996 I discovered the font of life…a person…who called me to surrender my life in order to receive His!  I strive to live each day in response to this profound encounter and continue to receive from this endless font of mercy and love.

In 2003 I began working for the church as a full-time youth minister.  I was able to start a youth group from scratch and build it up to what most would call a successful youth ministry program.  From my perspective though, I desired so much more for the parish, for the young people and families involved, and for the church in general.

In 2010 I was hired by the Diocese of Sioux Falls to serve as the Director of Youth Ministry.  Since then I have spent my life in a role of formation and consultation to parishes within the diocese and as a consultant to dioceses and parishes across the country.

With over 15 years of experience in youth ministry, I have determined that the greatest need (not the only need) in youth ministry in the church today is that we reestablish a culture of authentic and intentional discipleship.  My hope is to use this space online to continue to inspire, encourage, and foster a dialogue that is so necessary.  I also hope to use my gifts in any way that I can and in any way they will be received in order to offer formation to others.  I look forward to connecting with anyone who would like to journey with me.

I hold a Master’s in Theology from the Augustine Institute.  I’ve had the privilege of speaking in dozens of other dioceses and to hundreds of parishes across the country.  I’ve also been honored to co-author a book with my friend and mentor Jim Beckman.

Finally, I am deeply in love with my spouse who has given more to the church in the 10 years we’ve been married than I will likely ever give.  I also strive to make my four children the first disciples that I care for.  I’m grateful for the church, the community, and all those who have formed me and have given me much to share.