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Eric Gallagher is a husband and father living in South Dakota. He has been involved in youth ministry since 2003. He has a great love for Discipleship and is currently serving the Diocese of Sioux Falls as the Director of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization. Eric is the founder of Cofome, LLC. which involves all kinds of various online projects, websites, and resources. You can support his work on Patreon here. Interested in having Eric come speak or train your parish or Diocese? Go here.

The Four Areas of Formation


I like to highlight the four areas of formation as one of the fundamental components of a Discipleship focused youth ministry model because there really isn’t document (yet!) that talks about the four areas in relation to youth ministry. The four areas are used in seminarian formation and in lay ecclesial formation and the documents that

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It’s Impossible to “Form Young People” In Two Hours a Week


I recently read through about 80 evaluations from a day of formation offered on discipleship. One of the questions on the participant evaluation asked about specific struggles people had experienced in their discipleship efforts thus far . The most common responses had something to do with the busyness of individuals in the group or lack

It’s Impossible to “Form Young People” In Two Hours a Week2019-04-29T10:15:10-06:00

Why Parents Aren’t Involved in Your Ministry


I’ve read a lot of articles and resources from different people involved in youth ministry about how to engage parents within in a youth ministry program. Heck, one of our most-shared blog posts talks about just that. I struggle a lot with this topic because most of the time, the goal is about improving “my

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