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Eric Gallagher is a husband and father living in South Dakota. He has been involved in youth ministry since 2003. He has a great love for Discipleship and is currently serving the Diocese of Sioux Falls as the Director of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization. Eric is the founder of Cofome, LLC. which involves all kinds of various online projects, websites, and resources. You can support his work on Patreon here. Interested in having Eric come speak or train your parish or Diocese? Go here.

Two Necessary Skills of a Strong Parish Leader in Discipleship


Forming disciples versus simply telling people what to do requires a different skill set than we are used to drawing upon in youth ministry. I have spoken with hundreds of different youth leaders who have, to certain degree, perfected the various models of youth ministry. I’m sure it’s been said several times already on this

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Should We Be Training or Forming Our Leaders?


For the past 10-15 years, I’ve been watching the evolution of youth ministry. During that time, people have been searching for the right resource that is going to respond to the needs of young people. Today, we have top notch resources that can be used in just about any setting, for any sized group of

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Large Group or Discipleship Groups?


How does a parish youth ministry have time to manage both a large group program and discipleship groups? Utilizing the model of Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry, this is absolutely possible, and I would argue that parish youth ministers who adopt these simple mindsets actually find themselves with less anxiety and less “work.”

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