In leading 100’s of games over about 16 years this has been one of the favorites.

Materials Needed

  • blindfolds
  • a marked off area (either a square in a gym or made with cones)
  • dodge balls (softer is better)


Set up the boundaries.  Have each person find a partner.  One of them will be blindfolded and the other will not.  Place a good number balls scattered around within the boundary.  The blindfolded person will be in the boundary area and their teammate will be on the outside.   To start, no one should be holding any balls and it works well to move the person around a bit so they don’t know exactly where they are at or which way they are facing when the game starts.

Game Play

When the leader says “GO” the teammates on the outside of the play area will guide their teammates to grab a ball and throw it at the other within in the play area.  When a person gets hit by a ball or goes outside of the boundary, they are out.  Play until only one person is remaining.

I found many versions of this on YouTube.  I’ve included a video I found of the version we played below.