I was in a meeting this past summer at one of summer missionary training times and heard a crazy game going on outside.  When I walked out and watched them, they were playing this game. Before I even give the instructions, the reason I love this game is because there is so much energy that comes from it.

The Motions

First I will teach you the motions that are required for the game.

  • Bunny – Make your hand into a duckbill (thumb touching four fingers).  When making this action you will say Bunny four times.  The first two times you will have the duckbill facing your own face.  The second two times you will point the duckbill at another person.
  • Hoki Toki (means rabbit in Korean) – Wave your arms while saying Toki (four times)

Game Instructions

  • Have everyone stand in a circle (as per 95% of youth ministry games).
  • Explain to them the motions.
  • The game will start with everyone  doing the Koom Cha.
  • One person will start by doing the “Bunny” sign and passing it on to another person, then that person continues by doing it and passing it on the next person.
  • Whenever someone is doing the “Bunny” sign, the two people beside them can try to mess them up by doing the “Toki” sign (see video).

Who Wins?

You can play it a couple different ways.

  • Whenever someone messes up the bunny action they are out (less fun version)
  • Whenever someone messes up the bunny action they have to run around the circle one time saying “Dink N’ Farkle” repeatedly in rhythm while holding one of their thumbs to their forehead with the rest of their fingers in the air.

If the group is really good at it, you can make it harder simply by speeding it up.

Video Demo