This is a youth ministry game that we started playing about two years ago and is always a great game because it is quick to put together, the supplies are minimal and it is extremely competitive and engaging.

The Ideal Setting

This game works if you have anywhere from 12-99 people.  Those may seem like random numbers to you, but the trick is that people are in teams of three.  So as long as you have a dividend of three you are good, but the more teams you have to more crazy it gets.

Game Set-Up (image below)

You will set-up a circle game area using cones, tape, or maybe the center of a basketball court.  Then you will have all of the groups line up outside of the circle and have the three people in each group form a line.  Then you will have random objects (or just small balls) in the middle of the circle.

How The Game is Played

Each person on each team will be given a name.  The first person is named Larry, the second is Curly, and the third is Moe.  The person leading the game will say one of those three names.  Whichever person has their name called will run around the circle, around all of the other teams, until they get back to their team.  Then they will go under the legs of their two teammates and rush to the center to grab one of the objects in the middle.  There will be less objects in the middle than the number of teams and the teams that do not get an object are out of the game.  You play until you are down to one team.

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Be sure to state that teams can not “back-up” to slow the other teams down.
  • As you get fewer teams, have the spread out evenly across the circle.
  • A good strategy is to have the two members get really close so that is it easier to get through their legs.
  • Usually better if you can have gender separated teams.
  • Have fun and trick people by saying one of the names leisurely instead of shouting it out.

Image of play