Materials Needed – None

Size of Group – Could have anywhere from 5 to 50!

This is one my favorites to use with new groups or as an icebreaker for large groups.  It is easy to explain, allows for some creativity in the group, and allows kids to chat and bond as a group through it out.

Have everyone sit in a circle and have one or two people leave the room.  They will be the psychiatrists.  They must figure diagnose the problem(s) of the group by asking yes or no questions.  Some problems may have several parts and they must figure all of them out.

When the psychiatrists leave the room, you must come up with a problem for them to solve.  You, as the leader, can have one or two ready to make it easier or you can have the group decide.  It can be absolutely anything.  The one thing to be cautious of is whether or not it is too difficult for the psychiatrist to figure out.  Once everyone in the group understands what to do, you can have the psychiatrists come back in and try to diagnose the problem.

Here are a couple examples that have worked well in the past:

  1. Every time the psychiatrist asks a question, everyone either crosses or uncrosses their legs.
  2. Anyone who is sitting to the right of a female has a constant itch in their left arm.

We have also done chains of events.  Like when the psychiatrist looks at a specific person, that person stands up.  After that person stands up another person claps twice.  After the 2nd person claps twice, everyone shouts ‘WOOO!’