This is a fairly new game that has made it’s way into the youth ministry world.  The kids introduced it to me.  It is sure to lighten people up, embarrass some, but most of all have a ton of fun.

Ideal Number of People


How It Works

To begin, everyone will stand or sit in a circle.  Everyone must make a face where their lips cover their teeth.  If you show your teeth, you are out.

One person will start and they are it.  They have the option either say Pterodactyl or make a sound like a Pterodactyl to one of the people on either side of them.  If they say Pterodactyl, the action continues in a similar direction.  If they make the sound, then it reverses the order.

Quick example: Person one says “Pterodactyl,” then person two is it, person two says Pterodactyl so person three is it, person three makes the sound of a Pterodactyl so person two is now it again.

Who Wins the Game?

If you show your teeth you are out and if you act out of turn you are out.  Play until there is one person left.

I’m a Youth Minister, I want the advantage…

Be very creative and do things out of the ordinary.  Be the loudest and the craziest.  If it seems like there is a constant timing, respond really fast.