This youth group game is great for larger groups and does well in a bigger room or outdoors in the grass.  It is a pretty simple game, and when done with a quick explanation seems to do great!  It is something the youth from retreats and camps that I have been a part in have always remembered and wanted to do again.

The game is an elimination game that cuts people out slowly until you are down to one or two people.  The leader will shout a command and everyone will follow that command.  Each time a command is shouted more people will be eliminated based on their speed or in some cases their cooperation in groups.  Will do my best to write the directions out as I you were saying them out loud so you can read word for word when saying them to a large group.

Ships – When I say ships, everyone runs to the this side of the room (point to one side of the room).  The last one there is out.

Sailors – When I say sailors, everyone runs to the other side of the room.  The last one there is out.

Hit The Deck – When I say Hit The Deck, everyone must get down on the ground as low as they can go.  The last one down is out.

Man Overboard – When I say Man Overboard, everyone will find a partner.  One person will get on their hands and knees and act as a ship, the other will put one foot on top of them and look out in to the sea.  The last group or anyone who does not find a partner is out.

Three Men Rowing – When I shout Three Men Rowing, you will find a group of three.  All three will sit behind each other and row in their boat. The last group or anyone who does not find a team of three is out.

Four Men Eating – When I shout Four Men Eating, you will find a group of four.  All four will sit like they are at a table and pretend they are eating a meal.  The last group or anyone who does not find a group of four is out.

Five Men Pointing North – When I should Five Men Pointing North, you will find a group of five.  All five will gather close together and point north.  The last group or anyone who does not find a group of five is out.

You play down to one person and that person is the winner.

Leaders Tip – You will want to do number games to eliminate people so you do not have to worry about the ‘last’ group.  Meaning if you just did Five Men Pointing North and have 20 people left, do something like Three Men Rowing next because there will be an odd man out.  Be sure to keep things moving and act quickly after you eliminate people.  The quicker the games the more fun they are.  When you are down to two people, really use the ships, sailors, or hit the deck to eliminate the last person.  Also the cues ‘ships’ and ‘sailors’  are great transitions in between the other cues.  It splits up groups (alliances) and keep their blood flowing.  You do not have to eliminate someone each time you say ships and sailors, you can just make them run around a bit also and then say one of the other cues.