Materials Needed

Music (music must be loud, game gets loud and people need to hear it stop)


This is probably one of the greatest games for retreat type atmosphere when you need to lighten things up a little bit.  To start have group of between 6-8 people form a circle.  You can just have one or two groups.  They do not compete against the other groups and there really is not a winner.

This game is played like ‘Hot Potato’ with a twist.  Have one person volunteer to use their shoe as the hot potato.  Start off by playing one round like hot potato and start the music.  When the music stops, have the person holding the show stand.  You will give this person an action that must be done every time they are given the shoe from now on.  You start the music again and when you stop have the person who ended up with the shoe do a different action.  If it was the same person as the first round, they must now do both actions before they can pass the shoe.

Here are some examples of actions.

  1. Yell ‘I HAVE THE SHOE’
  2. Give everyone in your group a high five.
  3. Sing “It’s fun to sing at the Y.M.C.A. while doing the actions.
  4. Do the chicken dance
  5. Do the Macarena
  6. Blow Kisses to everyone in your group
  7. Skip around the group once
  8. Say two words that rhyme.
  9. Do the entire head, shoulders, knees, and toes
  10. Flex like a professional body builder (must do different flex each time)

Usually this is enough actions.  Keep a look out for people who have several actions and those that think it is a little too funny and be sure ‘accidentally’ stop the music on them.