Recently Added Games

  • Mafia Youth Ministry Game

Game: Mafia

Mafia is a common game that has been used and known by just about any group I have been around.  It is a great starter game for groups of about 8-15.  If you have more

  • Bonkers Youth Ministry Game

Game: Bonkers

I have been involved in our Diocesan summer camp now for about 14 years.  As a youth, a volunteer, and now the coordinator of the camp, this is always the favorite. What You Need This

  • Brain Fry Youth Ministry Game

Game: Brain Fry

This is one of the weirdest/craziest youth ministry games that requires no set up, no supplies, and typically 5-20 people. The more people the better I think. Everyone sits in a circle and everyone works

  • Pterodactyl Youth Ministry Game

Game: Pterodactyl

This is a fairly new game that has made it’s way into the youth ministry world.  The kids introduced it to me.  It is sure to lighten people up, embarrass some, but most of all

  • Larry Curly Moe - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Larry, Curly, and Moe

This is a youth ministry game that we started playing about two years ago and is always a great game because it is quick to put together, the supplies are minimal and it is extremely

  • Pin Guard - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Pin Guard

I am coming to the realization that the game that our youth group played more than anything is not well known by other youth leaders.  Luckily I have a platform to tell the world about

  • Bunny Bunny Toki Toki Youth Ministry Game

Game: Bunny Bunny Toki Toki

I was in a meeting this past summer at one of summer missionary training times and heard a crazy game going on outside.  When I walked out and watched them, they were playing this game.

  • Bigger or Better Youth Ministry Game

Game: Bigger or Better

This is a community youth ministry game where the youth will be going door to door.  It is best to send the kids in groups and have an adult with each group.  It is very

  • Poop the Potato Youth Ministry Game

Game: Poop the Potato

Grab some potatoes and some buckets and you are good to go!  Divide your youth into groups or run it individually.  The person takes a potato, puts it between their legs, takes the potato to