Recently Added Games

  • Blind Dodge Ball Youth Ministry Game

Game: Blind Dodgeball

In leading 100’s of games over about 16 years this has been one of the favorites. Materials Needed blindfolds a marked off area (either a square in a gym or made with cones) dodge balls

  • Wink Youth Ministry Game

Game: Wink

This is a game we played when I was in Junior High and I loved it. Seems to work best with groups of about 20 or more. It is sort of like the Frogger, which

  • Boppity Bop Bop Bop Youth Ministry Game

Game: Boppity Bop Bop Bop

A great game for any size group.  Typical ‘circle’ game where the person in the middle tries to get out.  Comes with several different options.  Easily create more of your own also! This game can

  • Buzz Youth Ministry Game

Game: Buzz

You should split up into groups of 3-6 people. You can have more than six, but not seven people. This game is unique in that the group(s) will work together to win. The goal of

  • Towel Throw Youth Ministry Game

Game: Towel Throw

Here’s a quick game that works in almost any setting…plus everybody gets to play. All you need is a hand towel (or dish towel). Here’s how you do it. Prior to the game, tie a

  • Screaming Toes Youth Ministry Game

Game: Screaming Toes

You will need at least 5 people to play.  If you have more than 25 people, it may be good to split them in to two groups. First have everyone shake each others hand and

  • Egg Roulette - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Egg Russian Roulette

This game was a huge success at our summer camps. To start you will need one dozen eggs for every two teams.  Seven of the eggs in each dozen should be boiled and five should not. 

  • Ninja Youth Ministry Game

Game: Ninja

You may have seen this game before and not really understood what was going on.  The game is called Ninja.  It is an extremely easy game to figure out and explain but can take a

  • Ships & Sailors Youth Ministry Game

Game: Ships & Sailors

This youth group game is great for larger groups and does well in a bigger room or outdoors in the grass.  It is a pretty simple game, and when done with a quick explanation seems