Recently Added Games

  • Psychiatrist Youth Ministry Game

Game: Psychiatrist

Materials Needed – None Size of Group – Could have anywhere from 5 to 50! This is one my favorites to use with new groups or as an icebreaker for large groups.  It is easy to explain,

  • Gorilla Hunter Woman - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Hunter, Gorilla, Woman

This game is like rock, paper, scissors. We play it with individuals, if you browse around there is a group/team version of this game. Have everyone grab a partner and stand back to back. Count

  • Stack - O - Cups Youth Group Relay

Game: Stack-O-Cups Relay

Supplies Needed Lots of Plastic Cups. 15-20 of one color per team and one of another color per team. This is a quick and easy youth ministry game that can be used as a relay

  • The Shoe Game - Youth Ministry Game

Game: The Shoe Game

Materials Needed Music (music must be loud, game gets loud and people need to hear it stop) Directions This is probably one of the greatest games for retreat type atmosphere when you need to lighten

  • Spoons - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Spoons

I often have friends in ministry who ask me for directions on games I play and I typically just point them to the site.  When a friend asked me about Spoons and I realized I