Eric Gallagher

First Off!

I am deeply humbled and grateful that there are people who even take the time to check out my site and especially that would click on a “Support Me” link.  Thank you for your support already!

I Want My Work To Be Shared Freely!

Most of what I do online includes projects and resources that wish to offer for free in order to make my work available to as many people as possible.  In cases where I do charge something, I do so because having the recipient have some “skin in the game” has proven to make the cost mutually beneficial.  I have never refused someone anything because of an inability to pay.

I Can Only Do So With Financial Support

I can only do this type of work and make myself available because of the generosity of friends, family, and followers like you.  In April 2019, I set up a Patreon page because of the number of people who were offering to support me in my efforts.  If you are interested in supporting me financially, you can do so there for as low as $3/month.   Your financial support, along with others, makes it possible for me to continue doing what I love and sharing my gifts freely with as many people as possible,

You can find out quite a bit more on the Patreon page.  Please check it out!