It’s Impossible to “Form Young People” In Two Hours a Week


I recently read through about 80 evaluations from a day of formation offered on discipleship. One of the questions on the participant evaluation asked about specific struggles people had experienced in their discipleship efforts thus far . The most common responses had something to do with the busyness of individuals in the group or lack

It’s Impossible to “Form Young People” In Two Hours a Week2019-04-29T10:15:10-06:00

Large Group or Discipleship Groups?


How does a parish youth ministry have time to manage both a large group program and discipleship groups? Utilizing the model of Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry, this is absolutely possible, and I would argue that parish youth ministers who adopt these simple mindsets actually find themselves with less anxiety and less “work.”

Large Group or Discipleship Groups?2019-02-22T06:37:38-06:00

Are Youth Leaders Ready to Think Outside of Programs?


When I was in high school, we had one “program” in our parish for youth: Religious Education. I was placed in a class based on my age and was run through a system that had been going long before I was ever even alive. I’m grateful for all of the adults who over the years

Are Youth Leaders Ready to Think Outside of Programs?2019-02-22T06:52:30-06:00

How I Have Seen Discipleship Changing the Church


I have been assisting parishes in moving towards a discipleship focused youth ministry approach for the last four years. It was really what I was seeing happen with FOCUS on our university campuses that first got my attention, and DFYM was the result. As it has taken shape, I have drawn a lot from FOCUS,

How I Have Seen Discipleship Changing the Church2019-02-22T06:55:47-06:00

Stop Trying So Hard to Evangelize


In my work of discipleship and evangelization, it seems that too often, I am focused on “doing” things that I believe will make in an impact on others as I attempt to “fix” or “help” them to know Christ better. Over the last two weeks, I have been struck by three different experiences that appear to be challenging me in this mindset.

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My Desires (Goals) for 2016 in Discipleship


For anyone who follows this blog regularly, you have probably picked up on the fact that I don’t usually choose the theme or content based on the fads or trends of the season. To be blunt, I am ordinarily inspired more by conversations and experiences I have than the perennial rituals and practices of modern

My Desires (Goals) for 2016 in Discipleship2019-02-22T08:08:23-06:00

Ten Common Mistakes Discipleship Leaders Make


Over the past few years, I have seen several common mistakes, and I thought it would be helpful to share my observations in the hope that others can learn from them as well. Here are the top ten mistakes I am seeing discipleship leaders make as they strive to foster an atmosphere of discipleship in their ministry to others:

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