You Can Not Force Discipleship


Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry is tough because it requires a more natural evolution than simply creating a program and getting people to become involved in it. As the earmark of Mutual Responsibility implies, discipleship is a two-way street. You need a rabbi (teacher) who is willing to invest themselves in a disciple, and you need a disciple who desires to be like the teacher. The reality is that we cannot force discipleship.

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How Youth Ministry May Not Be Much Different Than Prison


Those who have not really thought too much about what it would be like outside of the box and have been living in it for so long struggle with the realities when change begins to hit. At the same time, we have people who have been engaging in discipleship for some time, and when they look at the walls of the common youth ministry structure in the Church (the jail), they are able to much more readily see the lack of freedom one has in them.

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10 Tips to Consider When Starting a New Discipleship Group


When a good leader is just getting started with a new group, there can be some very frustrating moments. Perhaps you have no idea where to begin. Starting a new discipleship group in any situation comes with its struggles. Here are ten tips for you to consider as you begin.

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Reaching Beyond the “Default” Youth in Your Ministry?


Think about the first time you went to an amazing restaurant. After you went, was it your desire to go back alone and just relive the same experience again? I am willing to bet not. My point is that when we experience something that is good, we have a natural desire to share it. Experiencing the Gospel is no different.

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Who Is Supposed To Disciple Me?


When I first started diving in to discipleship, I remember a conversation I had with a priest friend of mine. We were discussing how everyone should be "discipled" and what that looks like. The question that the priest asked me, though, was "who is supposed to disciple me (the priest)?" One thing I have found

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