Diving Into The Earmarks: Accountability to Life Change


Fostering Accountability to Life Change in Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry starts by recognizing that we are not able to do in the 90-120 minutes a week all that needs to be done. If we are going to have ministry that truly helps youth, it will need to begin requiring more than simply attending our programming.

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Diving Into the Earmarks – Customization


One of the most powerful aspects of Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry that truly sets it apart from other approaches is the call for a customized plan for each and every student. When I led a youth group, I remember the constant tension between boring those who wanted to go deeper with too many games and

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Diving Into The Earmarks: Mutual Responsibility


Have you ever wondered why fitness center memberships can be so expensive or why they require you to have a certain length of contract? Many fitness centers would actually say that charging a higher rate and expecting a commitment from their customers will actually make the customers happier. People use their services because they have

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Who Is Supposed To Disciple Me?


When I first started diving in to discipleship, I remember a conversation I had with a priest friend of mine. We were discussing how everyone should be "discipled" and what that looks like. The question that the priest asked me, though, was "who is supposed to disciple me (the priest)?" One thing I have found

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