It’s Impossible to “Form Young People” In Two Hours a Week


I recently read through about 80 evaluations from a day of formation offered on discipleship. One of the questions on the participant evaluation asked about specific struggles people had experienced in their discipleship efforts thus far . The most common responses had something to do with the busyness of individuals in the group or lack

It’s Impossible to “Form Young People” In Two Hours a Week2019-04-29T10:15:10-06:00

Evangelization – Where Are We Going Wrong?


For some time now, I’ve been trying to put my finger on the “missing piece” in our current efforts at evangelization. I’ve written a post about how evangelization shouldn’t be so hard and shared my experience of watching evangelization happen through people not necessarily because THEY did something extreme. It’s not hard to find writings

Evangelization – Where Are We Going Wrong?2019-02-22T06:45:20-06:00

A CRAZY Youth Ministry Proposal


A couple of years ago, I spoke with a mom in a local parish who was interested in leading a small discipleship group. She was excited because the parish was encouraging discipleship groups to begin as naturally as possible, so she immediately saw her daughter, her daughter’s friends, and a couple other youth as a

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Stop Trying So Hard to Evangelize


In my work of discipleship and evangelization, it seems that too often, I am focused on “doing” things that I believe will make in an impact on others as I attempt to “fix” or “help” them to know Christ better. Over the last two weeks, I have been struck by three different experiences that appear to be challenging me in this mindset.

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10 Youth You May Not Be Reaching and How You Can


One of the things that I find myself doing frequently is looking at the youth in our parish and around our community and wondering what I can do- or really, what the Church might be able to do- in order to help them to know Jesus Christ if they do not know him already. For

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7 Tips I Learned From The Mega Church About Ministry


A couple years ago I had the opportunity to visit a service at one of the mega Church's in our town.  A couple of friends joined my wife and I as we just went to see what the big deal was.  It was a great experience and an incredible blessing to see what is in

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