I like to highlight the four areas of formation as one of the fundamental components of a discipleship focused ministry model because there really isn’t document (yet!) that talks about the four areas in relation to youth ministry.

The four areas are used in seminarian formation and in lay ecclesial formation and the documents that speak about the four areas can be easily adopted in to youth ministry as well. Check out the four areas below for a brief introduction to them.

How to Use the Four Areas of Formation?

You can imagine our Lord desires to mold and fashion the best version of each youth you are working with.  The four areas of formation are the areas that the Lord is desiring to form them in.  The four areas provide a more holistic approach in helping to form a young disciple as a whole person.  In short, if we are to reach the goals of youth ministry, it will be done through formation in these four areas.  That being said, in DFYM the four areas are used as one of the primary starting points for deciding what to do in the discipleship groups.  A disciple leader’s role is to observe a youth in these four areas and to create a plan to further growth in them.

Eric Gallagher writes about these and the other fundamentals in his book Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry.