I am the type of person who likes to work only when there is an end goal in mind and a plan and process on how I am going to get there.  That is what the Process of Evangelization does for me.

  1. The Goal = To Make Disciples
  2. The Process = Evangelization

The process of Evangelization is laid out many different ways in the Catechetical documents of the Church. For my purposes of teaching, I identified a set of steps so that all those I work with are able to use a common language to teach and learn Evangelization. It is my goal through this site to teach as I learn and live Evangelization in my own life through my family, my friends, and my youth ministry efforts. The eight steps can be broken into two main categories.  I have laid out the steps here, but feel free to click on each step to dive more deeply into it.

Process of Evangelization

For more information each of the steps, click on them below.

Initial Evangelization