The initial proclamation (also referred to as the “first” or “primary” proclamation) is that point in our evangelization efforts where we begin to introduct Christ into the relationship that we have formed with the one we are evangelizing.  Imagine a good salesperson trying to make a sale without first establishing a reputation with the client or at least building up some sort of trust.

In youth ministry, it is through our love of Christ that the youth will find something so beautiful…truth.  They will sense that something is different about us (which there is!).  They begin to open themselves up to who we are.  The initial proclamation is that point when you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to tell them about Jesus Christ and you begin to do so.  Sometimes it is very simple because they ask, sometimes they invite you in other ways.

In short, the Initial Proclamation is when we begin to introduce them to a person in our lives that is very important to us, the person of Jesus Christ.

Some Teachings of the Church on Initial or “First” Proclamation:

“The first moment is one in which, in the heart of the non believer or of the indifferent or of those who practice other religions, there is born, as a result of it first proclamation, an interest in the Gospel, yet without any firm decision” – GDC 56 (a)

Primary proclamation is addresses to non-believers and those living in religious indifference.  Its functions are to proclaim the Gospel and to call to conversionCatechesis, “distinct from the primary proclamation of the Gospel”, promotes and matures initial conversion, educates the convert in the faith and incorporates him into the Christian community.” – GDC 61

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