In Catechesi Tradendae by Blessed John Paul II, it mentions that Catechesis is one of the “moments – a very remarkable one – in the whole process of evangelization.”  Initiatory Catechesis is the beginning phases of learning about who Christ is.

When the person who is being evangelized has that Initial Conversion and begins orienting their lives towards Christ, they begin to see and learn about Him.  This learning must happen gradually.  Much like a relationship that you have with another person, it takes time and commitment to truly learn who that person is.

The GDC says that “Initiatory Catechesis lays the basis for Christian life for the followers of Jesus (69).”

I always think it is important to note that this Initiatory Catechesis

There are some great teachings on Initiatory Catechesis in the GDC in paragraphs 67 & 68.

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