Pre-Evangelization is the very first thing we  do when we are to begin evangelization with another.   It is the preparation of a person or a group of people to receive the Initial Proclamation.  Pre-Evangelization is Evangelization in that what it does is all a part of the process of spreading the gospel.  From a marketing standpoint, pre-evangelization is much like when a salesman is building a relationship with the client before they even begin talking about the product.  I do not mean that pre-evangelization is simply conversation or relationship meant only to sell the product, but a good salesman finds that through honest and authentic relationships and love, they are able to win the hearts of those they are around and in turn, sell them just about anything.

In short, pre-evangelization is building up the trust of an individual leading them to a deeper desire to know you, which is also a desire to know Christ in you.  Once we have built up that trust, the person is usually asking questions that invite a conversation about Christ, because they are interested in you.  From there were are able to give the Initial Proclamation.

Pope Paul VI Talks About Pre-Evangelization:

She carries out this first proclamation of Jesus Christ by a complex and diversified activity which is sometimes termed “pre-evangelization” but which is already evangelization in a true sense, although at its initial and still incomplete stage. An almost indefinite range of means can be used for this purpose: explicit preaching, of course, but also art, the scientific approach, philosophical research and legitimate recourse to the sentiments of the human heart. – (Evangeii Nuntiandi, 51)

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