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The Four Areas of Formation

I like to highlight the four areas of formation as one of the fundamental components of a Discipleship focused youth ministry model because there really isn’t document (yet!) that talks about the four areas in

Large Group or Discipleship Groups?

How does a parish youth ministry have time to manage both a large group program and discipleship groups? Utilizing the model of Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry, this is absolutely possible, and I would argue that parish youth ministers who adopt these simple mindsets actually find themselves with less anxiety and less “work.”

A CRAZY Youth Ministry Proposal

A couple of years ago, I spoke with a mom in a local parish who was interested in leading a small discipleship group. She was excited because the parish was encouraging discipleship groups to begin as naturally as possible, so she immediately saw her daughter, her daughter’s friends, and a

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If you believe that I could be an asset to your diocese, parish, or other projects in some way, don’t hesitate to reach out.  I truly love assisting in the work of evangelization in any way that I am called.  Just shoot me a line!